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Thank you for your interest in Urban Teaching Corps (UTC)! Please read on for information regarding applying to UTC. We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your application.

The application deadlines for the next cohort are the following Mondays at 6:00pm:
November 4, 2013
January 13, 2014
February 10, 2014
March 10, 2014


To apply to become an Urban Teaching Corps apprentice, please click HERE to access the online application.

A complete application MUST include the following:

1. Completed online application.
2. Your resume (which is to be uploaded into the online application).
3. 2 letters of recommendation:
• One must be from a current or past professor
• One must be from someone who has a good sense of your work ethic in a professional or volunteer setting
4. An official transcript sent directly from your school's registrar (or if they provide it directly to you, please send in a stamped and sealed envelope).
5. Response to the short answer essays (only required if you advance to the phone interview).

Applications will not be considered unless all components have been received.

Please provide all materials as follows:

1. Letters of recommendation should be emailed to: admissions@urbanteachingcorps.org
(Please instruct your recommenders to both title their email (subject line) with your first and last name, as well as attach the recommendation which should also include your first and last name)

2. Official transcripts should be mailed to:

Urban Teaching Corps
Attn: Miriam Raccah
211 West 102nd Street #3B
New York, NY 10025-4411

If you are chosen to advance to the phone interview, several short answer essay questions will be required.

We will be evaluating your writing as well as content. Please have someone proof read your submission and be sure you answer all questions completely.


• Each answer should be no more than 250 words
• Please send .doc, .docx, or .pdf files named as follows:
• Essay files should be emailed to:

(please answer all of them):

• What about teaching appeals to you and what do you think will be challenging for you?
• What specifically interests you about Urban Teaching Corps?
• What do you think separates a great teacher from an average teacher?

In our evaluation process we will be looking for the following, as well as, the unique content that expresses who you are and your specific experiences:

• Answers our application questions, while making a profound point; stays on topic
• Has a progression of ideas throughout the document that is logical and insightful
• Clearly explains key ideas, supporting them with well-chosen reasons, examples, or details
• Varies sentence structure effectively, chooses words carefully and correctly
• Contains no errors in word usage, grammar, or mechanics

It is strongly suggested that you have someone read your response before submitting it. Ask someone you trust, like a teacher or adviser, to help you make your application the best it can be. You may also consider using an online grammar checker to help you when in doubt.

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